Hip Mixology Bar

The Hippie Fish’s uniqueness and elegance is also reflected in its bar, the Hip Mixology. An incredibly charming setting where the excellence of drinks can only be enhanced by the exquisitely chic ambience all around.
Our bar is a popular spot for convivial guests to enjoy an exquisite drink. Its welcoming seats and stools, surrounded by elegant wood and stone décor, the breath taking sunset and one of the finest cavas on the island of come together to form an exquisite, sophisticated intimacy.

Every hour has its moment and every moment has a desire, so as day gently slips into night, the notes of music resonate throughout the bar, creating a wonderful atmosphere whatever the occasion. Our barman will be delighted to prepare for you our signature cocktails, champagnes and a wide range of alcohol drinks and wines.

Rendez-vous at the Hip Mixilogy Bar!,